From the hands of early Chinese physicians to Massage Therapists today, massage has been a natural and caring intervention that supports physical and emotional well-being. In other words Massage Creates Happiness!

Hot Stones Massage

60 minutes $255

90 minutes $380

Harness the healing power of heat for total body well-being. Therapeutic hot stones soothes muscle tension and entrance you to a deeper state of stillness and relaxation with a mixture of aromatic oils; and a customized massage, you will feel restored and balanced.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes $210

90 minutes $315

This therapeutic massage is designed to alleviate muscle tension, and offers much needed relief and comfort. Peppermint and Lavender oil sooths sore muscles while our pain relief gel targets muscle tightness and fatigue as we work out the kinks in your body.

Swedish Massage

60 minutes $195

90 minutes $295

In our fast-paced world, it is easy to lose track of what is important. This soothing and rejuvenating massage helps to slow a busy mind, bringing you a sense of stability. Drift away from your worries while the scent of sweet ginger revitalizes the senses.


60 minutes $135

90 minutes $205

This technique is a traditional Asian practice that includes the manipulation of pressure points in the feet to encourage healing and renewed energy flow along the body’s meridians. The pressure points correspond to the body’s vital organs and restore energy pathway to their natural state.

Runner’s Massage

60 minutes $160

When runners are racing towards the finish line, they’re often also running towards soreness, strains and sprains. Our runner’s massage is designed to reduced exercise soreness and treat common overuse stress’s to enhance running performance . Targets the feet, ankles, shins, calves, quads, hamstrings and hips to provide essential pain relief.

Back Massage

30 minutes $120

60 minutes $240

90 minutes $360

This highly effective tension-relieving massage will have you back to normal activities in no time! This treatment is designed to relax  and rebalance the muscles and relieve low, mid and upper back pain


Getting you ready to face the world!

We know radiant, healthy skin reflects how you look and feel.

Regular facials and facial massage can slow the aging process, improve circulation and re-hydrate your skin.

Chemical Peels

1 Session $200

6 Sessions $1,200

Lighten unwanted pigmentation, acne blemishes and even out your skin tone with our gentle Aha and Bha peeling solutions to reveal new skin.

Emerald Signature Facial

60 minutes $140

90 minutes $

This customized facial is specifically designed for your skin type. And infused with anti-aging ingredients combined with a relaxing gus-sha facial massage.

Acne Facial

60 minutes $130

90 minutes $170

This treatment procedure involves a deep glow cleansing to remove impurities, debris and oil as it unclogs pores using professional grade exfoliants, that removes acne causing bacteria, reduce oil production and inflammation while improving the skin barrier.

Emerald Glow  Facial

60 minutes $125

An amazing deep cleansing and exfoliating facial treatment that leaves your skin soft and radiant.  


Hair today.. Bare tomorrow! waxing can be an intimidating experience but your comfort and modesty are our priority as you say goodbye to unwanted hair as quickly and painlessly as possible.





Butt Cheeks




Full Legs


Half Legs






Full Arms


Half Arms




Full Face












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Brades, Montserrat W.I

We are located in the old Ryan’s Complex near the brades main road, at the bottom flat opposite Taz’s Takeaway and Catering Services, where the old Massy Insurance was once located.

Parking is available at the bottom flat.

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